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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Hire An Image & Style Consultant?

Hiring a professional takes the stress out of making fashion decisions. We will give you a fresh perspective on mixing your existing wardrobe with a few innovative pieces, and provide the tools needed to dress in fashion-forward clothing which represents the best you.

Is There a Specific Look You Try to Give Your Clients?

Absolutely, we aim to give our clients the look THEY want! No two people are the same - this goes for body type, personality, and comfort level. A Designer Closet simply tries to build a vibrant, appropriate, functional, and confidence inducing wardrobe mindfully matched to each client’s individual tastes and needs.

Do You Need a Large Budget to Have a Successful Experience with A Designer Closet?

No. A Designer Closet is able to finesse your finances wisely. Jo has been known to work magic in this area! In the fashion industry money is a fraction of the battle. The true benefit is gaining the educational advantage to body type and color profiles, and then selecting clothing based upon those major elements. You will achieve a comprehensive, cohesive look and be comfortable with what you spent. Guaranteed!

I Dislike Shopping and Don't Have Time for it, Can You Do It For Me?

Yes. Our specialty is shopping, styling outfits from the items selected, and giving you the intel as to how to choose the right items for yourself. We can shop with you, or shop for you. We can bring the stores to you, or meet you at the store of your choice ready with selections made. Prior to shopping we will take complete measurements, learn your style personality, find out your image desires, and your budget. Armed with your data, we will return with clothing pieces and outfits for you to try on in the comfort of your own home, and perhaps with shoes you have already selected, or accessories you designated for a special occasion.

How Far Will A Designer Closet Travel?

A Designer Closet will travel 75 miles to meet you, or shop an item for you. If you live in or near the metropolitan area of Minneapolis / St. Paul, please be sure to mention this when making your appointment as there may be variances made to your location.

How Long Are Style & Image Consultations?

The first (free) consultation with A Designer Closet is one-half hour. Styling appointments are a minimum of 60 minutes.

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